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Living with Evplugin

Been using my Prius Ev plug-in since December and it getting good results. I’m using 0,3 litre / 10 kilometre petrol and 335 Wh / 10 kilometre gives me a total cost in swedish kr of 5,04 kr. The trick of being able to charge is of course one of the major issues.

This is the way to charge at IKEA uppsala.


Contact me if you need a GSM connected electricitymeter to measure all the electricity you charge. (The extra grey box on the charging cable)

Chatty things

Being at the Advanced Energy Conference 2013. I started to use the term ct option binary chattering things or chatty things this is a very good abstract view of whats happening in the Internet of Things world.

The billion devices that is to be connected will in classical way be connected to private clouds which is just somewhat better than the old legacy, proprietary protocols. We are getting an exploding number of slightly different web api’s. Creating new web mashup services will therefor never happen since you need to support so many protocols.

The solution is to leverage the instant message paradigm and the XMPP.org standard. To be used by all things letting them chat with each other. A sensor can be friend with an actuator regardless of its origin or business domain. A humidity sensor in an alarm system could then easily be connected to the ventilation system.

When these chattering things are available in an interoperable way there truly is a possibility for real smart energy services to happen without the need of adding more hardware. You just let the sensor doing a friend request to the energy service. The just let them start chitchatting.

Technology keeps repeating it self

Had a fantastic meeting with my teacher Karl-Olof Elmsjö from 7th grade. He  gave me much of my interest and curiosity towards technology. We talked for hours around old technology and I must share this fantastic smart home history. The house is controlled via phone dial pads. When dialling different numbers the garage-door opens and lights are turned on and of via a phone switch board in the cellar. Karl made this true in is own homes in the 1970’s.








And still the main achievement in smart homes are the smart plug for controlling lamps, http://www.vattenfall.se/sv/smartplug.htm