Internet of Things or IoT is a big movement and the most hyped thing ever according to gartner.

One of the more beautiful solutions to this is the XMPP-IoT initiative from the XMPP Standards Foundation and I have had the honour to be working with main author Peter Waher.

I have created a separate site XMPP-IoT  that is one source of information that I recommend but there is also some pages here that you can read.

XMPP-IOT Basics   Detail  Advanced

The current IoT situation of dark foggy clouds

As I describe in my posting earlier the current IoT solutions today are just as we did in late 90’s closed Silos of either technology or business model. Integrating things to higher level of services demands a ”One in the middle” approach just as the IFTTT.com service where they integrate other Api’s to create their own service.

This lead to a endless need of intergrating slightly different Rest Api’s to  create your own service and for you as user you must have dozens of accounts and different apps to the services. Another tuff issue is that you don’t have control over who has access to your data. Intervju with rickard strid on data integrity.

XMPP brings one defined messaging solution with an easy extension process that has been working for many years. The provisioning of the solution also give you the possibilty to control who can access your devices and data.

If you are interested in a tutorial or a private session send me  a note and we could meetup.

Some online resources:

Slides at slideshare

Video from presentation at FOSDEM 2014

Video from the JFokus 2014 conference







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