Doing meetups!

I love the platform it’s really getting the right people to the right spot at the right time.

As a engaged person I love talking to other engaging people and the meetups I’ve been to and the one’s I have organised is just about that. we have so many ways of communication in these days but the meeting between people are still the best way to ”get things done” and inspire each other. I would have loved to be able to participate in all at the same time being allower the world at the same time.

If you havent registered yet do it now on and find an interesting topic and join an evening meeting on any topic.

I’ve participated in

The-San-Francisco-Internet-of-Things-Meetup Design talks

I’ve organized/presenting

XMPP and the internet of things London meetup

Python IoT hacking with XMPP

IoTStockholm chatty things

pysthlm Big data

SF bay area XMPP chattering things