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Innovation på ELfack 2019

På kraftscenen i göreborg under Elfack 2019 höll Joachim ett mycket uppskattat föredrag om innovation i elnätet och framtidens energisystem


En av de stora klimatutmaningarna idag är hur vi effektreglerar i elnäten och över hela världen händer snabba förändringar i energissytemen. En omställning från hur vi effektreglerar idag är nödvändig om vi ska klara de internationella mål som ställts. När elnäten är ansträngda används främst fossilkraft för att fylla på det där sista som behövs i elnäten. Ofta pratas det om att vi måste få till en beteendeförändring och att man måste bli mer medveten om energisystemen. Men är det så? Handlar det inte mer om att vi måste jobba med smartare samarbetande system? Landsbygden har här en fantastisk möjlighet att bidra till att städerna får den effekt som behövs och i städer finns det massor av effektslukande system som skulle kunna köras smartare.

Joachim Lindborg kopplar ihop utmaningarna med de flexibilitetsprojekt som drivs runt Uppsala och den stora potential flexibilitet faktiskt har i energisystemet.

Här kan du hämta presentationen

Grid Power Workshop

Together with the county government of Uppsala and the Uppsala municipality we held a workshop on the subject of the lack of capacity in the regional grid of Uppland. I have participated in several of the initiatives and is currently working alot with these solutions.

Live-in smartgrid is an initiative that I’m managing in through Sustainable Innovation, We try to make the whole region a testbed for smartgrid solutions. It’s a continuation on the the two very well renowned project ”coordinating power control” (#Väx_El) and ”Wise electricity” (#Klok_EL)

Here is my presentation (partly swedish) from the event

Launching #IoTevery9th, count down to #IoTday 9th april 2015

We are launching a count down towards the official iotday.org.

Find more details on #IoTevery9th here

December 9th

workshop done by  Evothings try it out at https://github.com/Sionarch/xmpp-hybrid-app-examples

January 9th

Using python to connect xmpp devices get your raspberries connected to a network and publish dem globally. Follow the simple example

February 9th

Set up your own disco lights with philips hue integration and  XMPP.  use this easy to set up python integration providing ”hue, sat, bri, st” values to be controlled both over standard xmpp based on  XEP 323 and XEP 325

disco_lightsMars 9th

Setting up and Intel Edison board and the GPIO’s  to be accessed securely over the XMPP network.  The new Intel Edison board with it’s Aurduino compatibility IO is a fantastic platform to create interesting IoT stuff

On 9th of April 2015 the official Global IoT day.

The Global IoTDay is a Internet of Things council initiative and will take place for the 5th year 2015. There will be a lot of action and activities around the world!

Organizing the Global IoTDay Stockholm

I’m organizing the event in Stockholm on the Global IoTDay

If you are in stockholm
Or if you would like to participate virtually
It will be a fantastic day and evening

Hacked by …

Well yes, some of my WordPress sites  got hacked!  So it cost me some 10h work. To what gain ? The hacker proclaims that he helps the Palestine cause and will continue hack sites until Palestine is freed.

I gladly help in that cause but the use of hacking peoples sites seems a bit odd for me. The hack was visible a few hours before I took them down so the gain is minimal, and my frustration is bigger.

So next time contact me instead and I will gladly help out!

True interoperability in smart homes

Historically there has been numerous unifying architectures that “solves everything”. In the era of smart homes and buildings, technologies such as Lonworks and KNX, promise to give a solution for connecting everything. But that is only true as long as everybody adheres to the same technology and as we know that will never happen!

Only IP has managed to be the common denominator, regardless of the communication layer. Regardless how good the proprietary technology is for example zigbee and KNX, they all need an IP-gateway. Even equipment in buildings such as pumps and fans start to have IP connectivity instead of proprietary communication buses. In later years the thrive to connect things to the Internet, all players have created IP based connectivity to cloud services.

To bridge between business sectors and protocols different middleware projects has emerged. OSGI was one of the first, fi-ware.eu a big one at the moment. These are all good intentions but they all fail due to the large implementation work to comply to the middleware framework. Developers tends to go for the “cheapest solutions” skipping good designed frameworks for easy hacked tools.

I’m now taking part in the fantastic development of a solution that actually can be the solution using XMPP to solve real interoperability between business silos take a look at the iea.sust.se project and the effort att xmpp.org code available at github