Välgörenhetslunch med Barncancerfonden

Lindborg Systems med familj och samarbetspartners ska äta lunch med Camilla Läckberg till förmån för Barncancerfonden.

Camilla Läckberg har ordnat en insamling till Barncancerfonden och då auktionerade Electrolux ut en lucnh med Camilla i the Cube plaserat på operan i stockholm. Joachim Lindborg har genom företaget bidragit med 26 000 kr till Barncancerfonden och därmed fått lunchen med Camilla Läckberg.

”Det kommer att bli en jättespännande lunch med engagerade bekanta, Camilla och representanter från Electrolux” säger Joachim Lindborg


One of the most valuable possibilities of usin XMPP for IoT is the usage of friendship. We let two devices become friends and just as you and I we both acknowledge the friendship and we can then start to talk in a peer to peer manor.

If devices support the XMPP chat feature you can from any XMPP klient start to ”chat” with a device. The dialog would probably be quite dull but at least you know everything is working.



When 2 companies would like to cooperate and create something new they need to integrate towards each other. Doing this today means creating authentication methods and getting common ID structures through their RESt APi’s

When we do this over XMPP you just federate the other domain with a server to server  (S2S) xmpp connection. XMPP already have the id structures defined ech company has to adapt their internal structures which gives you a much more loosly coupled situation.

The XMPP IoT server 2 server solution brings the possibility of one thing talking to another thing in a peer to peer fasion or to use the gateway aproach and hide alot of things behind a concentrator. whatever technology you have you can choose any or both.



The IoT XMPP extensions used are


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