Keynote speech, with video links

Being a keynote speaker…. I have had so many sessions through my life but never been a keynote speaker. I must say it is with great honour.

More info on the conference  gogo6live conference

Many very talented people attended
To hear me speaking

Everything was live streamed to a broader audience online two

The conference was very interesting and my keynote slides are on slideshare

Interview after the conference

Video of the keynote speech

Doing meetups!

I love the platform it’s really getting the right people to the right spot at the right time.

As a engaged person I love talking to other engaging people and the meetups I’ve been to and the one’s I have organised is just about that. we have so many ways of communication in these days but the meeting between people are still the best way to ”get things done” and inspire each other. I would have loved to be able to participate in all at the same time being allower the world at the same time.

If you havent registered yet do it now on and find an interesting topic and join an evening meeting on any topic.

I’ve participated in

The-San-Francisco-Internet-of-Things-Meetup Design talks

I’ve organized/presenting

XMPP and the internet of things London meetup

Python IoT hacking with XMPP

IoTStockholm chatty things

pysthlm Big data

SF bay area XMPP chattering things

Living with Evplugin

Been using my Prius Ev plug-in since December and it getting good results. I’m using 0,3 litre / 10 kilometre petrol and 335 Wh / 10 kilometre gives me a total cost in swedish kr of 5,04 kr. The trick of being able to charge is of course one of the major issues.

This is the way to charge at IKEA uppsala.


Contact me if you need a GSM connected electricitymeter to measure all the electricity you charge. (The extra grey box on the charging cable)

True interoperability in smart homes

Historically there has been numerous unifying architectures that “solves everything”. In the era of smart homes and buildings, technologies such as Lonworks and KNX, promise to give a solution for connecting everything. But that is only true as long as everybody adheres to the same technology and as we know that will never happen!

Only IP has managed to be the common denominator, regardless of the communication layer. Regardless how good the proprietary technology is for example zigbee and KNX, they all need an IP-gateway. Even equipment in buildings such as pumps and fans start to have IP connectivity instead of proprietary communication buses. In later years the thrive to connect things to the Internet, all players have created IP based connectivity to cloud services.

To bridge between business sectors and protocols different middleware projects has emerged. OSGI was one of the first, a big one at the moment. These are all good intentions but they all fail due to the large implementation work to comply to the middleware framework. Developers tends to go for the “cheapest solutions” skipping good designed frameworks for easy hacked tools.

I’m now taking part in the fantastic development of a solution that actually can be the solution using XMPP to solve real interoperability between business silos take a look at the project and the effort att code available at github


Technology keeps repeating it self

Had a fantastic meeting with my teacher Karl-Olof Elmsjö from 7th grade. He  gave me much of my interest and curiosity towards technology. We talked for hours around old technology and I must share this fantastic smart home history. The house is controlled via phone dial pads. When dialling different numbers the garage-door opens and lights are turned on and of via a phone switch board in the cellar. Karl made this true in is own homes in the 1970’s.








And still the main achievement in smart homes are the smart plug for controlling lamps,

Smart, creative solutions